Note: We strongly suggest reading this  post first before attempting to understand the decentralised asset management strategy. 

Synthnodes are a part of our decentralised asset management product line up. From a recent Medium post by one of the the Synthnode co-creators:

Every single payment made into the smart contract for BNT synthetic masternodes will result in 82.2% of the synthetic masternodes going to the payer’s wallet address and 17.8% of the synthetic masternodes going to the address of the smart contract so that existing token holders (not including the payment maker) can synthetically mine a proportionate share of the smart contract.

In other words, a Synthnode is a form of smart contract the same as Thitinun, which mines all rewards sent to it. Unlike Thitinun however, a Synthnode is only focused on mining one token. Thatis the token you see represented in the categories above (drawn up by month for 2019). During 2019, Thitinun will invest between 60%-90% of all revenue received from Thitinun Token sales into these new coin-specific Synthnodes and airdrop such Synthnodes via the Thitinun smart contract.

Why is it better to receive the Synthnode to receiving the real thing? Quite simply, because the Synhnode operates just like a Masternode, earning you additional coins as you hold it. Thus, as every additional purchaser of say, a Bancor Synthnode uses Bancor to buy the Synthnode, a small portion of that additional Synthnode is distributed to you as a holder of Synthnodes already. Ultimately, you can use your Synthnode to claim the underlying tokens (e.g. Bancor, Binance etc.) that are in the Synthnodes unique wallet address. The process is 100% transparent and only one wallet address per Synthnode is every employed for the storage of underlying coins and it is clearly marked from Day 1, just as for Thitinun. 

By investing in Thitinun which airdrops the first ever pieces of our parent Zurbank's Synthnode innovations, holders of Thitinun receive what is effectively a return on a return on a return on a return, counting back to fiat. This is an unbeatable deal!


You can read more about synthetic utilities, under which category Thitinun comes at our shared dedicated Medium Community Capitalism.

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