Investing in a diversified, value-enhanced cryptocurrency portfolio couldn't be easier if you are a major investor! The way that it works is as follows - you must pick an affilaite with whom you wish to be tied. You may not change your affiliate once you pick one - it is one wallet per affiliate (so you can have more than one affiliate relationship). 

How much that affiliate purchases will affect the amount of bonus that the affiliate receives, meaning bigger affiliates will dilute your Thitinun holdings more (see affiliate page for more details). This incentivises all investors to pick the smallest affiliates thereby increasing affiliate wealth across the board.

For every purchase you make of Thitinun (must be between 1.5 ETH and max. 1500 ETH per month per wallet) you will be rewarded with 15% to up to 15,000% bonus NUN! 

As for all cryptos, early investors will fare by far the best as eventually almost all Thitinun will be procured off of an exchange and not via the affiliate mining process due to the elongated and diluted token amounts. For big crypto buyers, nothing has ever made more sense for you than Thitinun.



If you stake 100,000 MNY in the same wallet as that which contains your Thitinun tokens (purchase amounts) we will double whatever rewards you receive. 

MNY is a cryptocurrency that can be purchased with either Futereum or Futereum X and directly with ETH via an application called the MNY miner. It's easy and quick and being in the early stages of issuance, it's currently cheap to do too!

MNY bonus staking is yet another feature of Thitinun that makes it the elite investment choice in crypto.